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Our online sales office with marketing automation went beyond simple campaigns. Our tools can give more - it's personalization, targeting. Most functions are integrated, this means the pooling of their capacities.

No difficulties with us

We will not tell you, "so how do you like it?" We just will do the job well, without interfering into your business. In addition, with our Marketing Tools your data and business processes also will work well, safely and reliably.

Own strategy

We recognize that business depends on the shape and size, and what works for one company may not work for another. With our CRM servers, you get an individual strategy to help you achieve your goals.

We work, not you

Whether it is the development of content, or marketing strategy of transformation of leads, our consultants will do all the preparatory work to show how our online sale offices can help you in your work without adding more to your work.

Very Comfortable

We work on the principle of "Pay As You Go" - you can run or stop CRM server, and then run again for a month or two and then stop - all this you can do in accordance with your plan of future. You CRM data will be save.

Omni channels

CRM servers gives the power to build automated marketing programs around customers’ behaviors and leverage those behaviors through Web, Mobile, Social, Direct and Customer Service channels.

Technologies of the future in action!

Life-long increase in the value of each client, instant assessments of the main goals of the client, and identification of the key factors of influence in social networks.
Increasing value of orders due to a deep analysis of the basket, the development of valid proposals, the increasing of the likelihood of multiple purchases by Internet store, as well as on the web and in a mobile application. Determination shopping model, identify and offer customers to buy what they want before they know what they need to buy it.
Indicators show the result of the actual activities of the departments, employees of accounting for each site and help to ensure a circular visibility of all activities. This practice can not only see the results of the outcome of the process, but also to intervene in the process by effective actions, such as "stop" the process, "delete", the launch of the other.
Automatic classification and identification of the most loyal customers, conversion of casual customers into repeat customers, identifying in seconds of flow target potential customers.
CRM Marketing

Why we do it differently

Minimum Affection

Going beyond the functionality of a particular information system, we realize that what works for one, does not fit into another. So we opted for the integration of open source software, which are suitable for a particular task and for each case.

Minimum Intervention

Practice shows that the introduction of new technologies is quite a painful process. We can help you identify and quickly resolve the pain points to help in retrospect to identify the places where your operations are not effective. We practice a revolutionary method of transition to digital without changing anything.

Maximum Achievement

Our commitment to use our experience and to provide flexible control of chaotic distribution channels will provide access to a wealth of data in different ways. Introducing your work in multi-channel sales, tracking customer feedback, we will help to get rid of the daily routine of work with maximum efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our marketing services comprise of: (a) transforming an experience with clients via the platform, which tracks and captures data from any source, to inform and start interacting in real time. (b) Automation of personalized interactions and delivery of meaningful and relevant content at each stage of the customer life cycle. (c) Sending personal, relevant and timely communications that include customer preferences and based on their most recent behavior. (d) The integration of mobile channels with other digital channels for effective interaction.
Marketing Automation allows you to effectively manage and draw conclusions, to optimize the marketing budget. There was a time when the quantity and quality could not coexist in the same marketing plan, given large amounts of small results. Those days are gone. Today, an automation allows calculating the ROI in real time. Multidisciplinary and cross analytics enhances the understanding that quality is to do more for your sales team at the right time, but at a lower cost..
Yes, email is still playing a major role in our system, not only for marketing campaigns, and track attitudinal potential customers online, allowing you to more accurately focus their actions, instead of bombing your clients a irrelevant messages. These features will change your way of thinking about marketing strategies, and the use of our CRM-hosting, to get more benefits out of your digital marketing campaigns.
With more than 6 billion mobile devices in the world, consumers are using innovative and high-performance functionality of mobile devices are becoming more connected with each other like never before. Our digital marketing technologies allow more intelligently organize relationships with customers using push notifications, SMS messages and mobile e-mail letters, which should be relevant and applied surgical strikes to instant gratification of demand.

What We Are Able To Do

The InfoProSystems was founded in 1991, and now presents a new projects with one goal: become one of the best online solutions providers. Our state-of-the-art solutions are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the internet to more people than ever.
Since 90th years our company continuously cooperates with the international organizations. For example: we developed and started in production precomputers "Electronic" and "LASER computers" in China. Created under the contract with the Ministry of Labour of Sweden (AMS) the information centers in St. Petersburg, in Ufa. Carried out projects with financing of SIDA, TACIS, BAS. We cooperate with such companies as IBM, etc.
We are IT-company, following spirit of innovations of 21 centuries, we develop, and we accumulate new IT technologies of management. Now at us is more 50 software products for business, which are ready to run in "one click". Our Team will provision of services of implementation and support by forces of the best specialists of an industry from Russia, India, and the USA.
The development of sales system
Creating a network of branches
International industrial cooperation
Display products on new markets
Industrial Automation
Product Localization
Business processes of sales

InfoProSystems Breaf

The InfoProSystems was founded in 1991, and now presents a new projects with one goal: become one of the best online solutions providers. Our state-of-the-art solutions are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the internet to more people than ever.

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Our strength lies in the experience and knowledge of the basic principles and methods of automated control systems, regardless of the subject area. We implement our knowledge, methods and technologies into your subject area.

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